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British Accounting & Finance Association (BAFA)

Definition of “Special Interest Groups”


The Audit & Assurance Conference (AAC) pages:


2020   virtual online conference 

2019  Aston Business School, Birmingham

2018  Dublin, Ireland

2017  London America Square venue

2016   Oxford Said Business School

2015   Edinburgh, Scotland  

2014   Aston Business School, Birmingham

2013   Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge 

2012   London Savoy Place, London

2011   ICAS, Edinburgh, Scotland

2010   Aston Business School, Birmingham

2009   University of Exeter

2008   University of Cardiff

2007   Dublin, hosted by NUI Galway

2006   University of Manchester

2005   Aston Business School, Birmingham

2004   University of Southampton

2003   Oxford Brookes University

2002   University of Stirling

2001   De Montfort University, Leicester

2000   University of Edinburgh

1999   University of Essex

1998   Glasgow Caledonian University

1997   Cranfield School of Management

1996   University of the West of England, Bristol

1995   Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield

1994   University of Central Lancashire, Preston

1993   University of Staffordshire, Stoke-Upon-Trent

1992   University of the West of England, Bristol

1991   Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield

 Newsletter of ASIG

         Launch issue , June 2006 (vol 1, No 1)

         November 2006 , Issue No 2, vol 1

         July 2007, Issue No 3, vol 2

         July 2008, Issue No 4, vol 3

         July 2009, Issue 5, vol 4

         July/August 2010, Issue 6, vol 5

 Regional auditing workshops          

·      Forum on auditing education

·      Auditing Research Group

·      Network of Auditing Academics

For Formal Constitution of ASIG

















British Accounting & Finance Association (BAFA) --

Auditing Special Interest Group (ASIG)


ASIG is a group of people, all members of BAFA, interested in various aspects of auditing:

·    The formal Constitution of ASIG and Definition of Special Interest Groups are on separate pages.


Areas of interest for ASIG


The main activities of ASIG at present is

·    The Audit & Assurance Conference.

     We have organised in November 2015 the inaugural Audit & Assurance Conference in Ireland (Dublin), and we plan to continue organising it and to become an annual event.  


We are aslo spresently considering how best to set up:

·    Regional auditing workshops          

·    Forum on auditing education

·    Auditing Research Group

·    Network of Auditing Academics


ASIG Executive Committee

The ASIG committee is formally elected annually at the Audit & Assurance Conference (AAC).  The present committee is as follows:


(1) ilias G. Basioudis        Chairman and Webmaster

                                                (Aston Business School)

(2) Roy Chandler               Treasurer (Cardiff University) 

(3) Martin Nolan                  Member (Institute of    

                                                Technology Tallaght, Ireland)

(4) Oliver Magnet                Member (University of


(5) Kirsty Munro          Member (Northumbria University)

(6) Christine Nangle          Member (Institute of    

                                                       Technology Tallaght, Ireland)

(7) Helen Watson                 Member (Northumbria University)

(8) Chairperson of BAFA         (ex-officio)      

(9) General Secretary of BAFA  (ex-officio) 


The chairman is a member of the Executive Committe of BAFA

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